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Farmer-labor laws were established in 1975 under the Agricultural Labour Relation Act (ALRA). This act was first established to promote peace in all agricultural sectors. In addition, it was done to provide stability in the labor relations. Many of the workers who were being employed in the agricultural operations through negotiating the contracts under the ALRA, there was the use of the cash receipts from the farm marketing which ranged from $8.6 to almost $28 billion. In California, agriculture is the only known industry which has employed many people. In the early 1900s, farm labors was a public policy globally; many workers were willing to wait for all their expenses in filling the seasonal jobs because some people used to discriminate those who were working from the rural areas. Federal laws were put in place to provide better working conditions for the workers. Keywords Farm, labor laws, agriculture, agricultural labor relations Every agricultural employee in all known agricultu...

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