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Skepticism 101 Name: Institutional Affiliation: The two articles by Brian Trent and Anahad O'Connor respectively are related in some aspects in the way that they display their respective information. One central theme is that they are displaying conspiracy theories. The two theories are centered on making the world simpler. The predictability of the world is brought about the conspiracy theories. The well-being of the society may be under threat due to the popularity of the conspiracy theories. The article says that the theories are a threat to the social construct of the society. In the article, also, many scholars are of the idea that conspiracy theories are delusional and paranoid, (Uscinski, & Parent, 2014). The article talks about the situation as that of people who are inclined to schizotypy and paranoia. Schizophrenia may subsequently arise as a result. The second article talks about American’s addiction to beliefs. Essentially, the article is challenging the masses in Ame...

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