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According to Robin Williams Jr., there are certain numbers of key values guiding the American life. These values include equal opportunities for all, which is about fairness in the socio-economic opportunities. Moreover, everyone will be equally represented in the society. Achievement, material comfort, and humanitarianism are the next key values that Americans place importance on. Democracy is a key value that government the American way of life. Freedom is another belief in the American way of life. The society promotes liberty and way of expression where everyone can be outspoken. Individualism is another aspect of the American way of life. It governs capitalism and an urge to achieve great things by members of the society. Science and technology are at the forefront of America, (Williams, 10). The country has always been at the front in inventions. Rapid technological changes have been spearheading the development of America. Practicality and efficiency are other aspects of the cou...

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