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French Revolution Who? The key people in the French revolution were Napoleon Bonaparte and Louis XVI. Louis XVI was the French King between 1774 and 1792 and got deposed during the revolution and executed one year later. He had taken over his grandfather’s debt and spent too much on America. The enormous debt forced Louis XVI to concede to the demands of the Parliament and meet the States General formally. This step directly contributed to the beginning of the Revolution. On the other hand, Napoleon Bonaparte was a general in the French army and led the 1799 coup that brought down the Directory. What? The French Revolution was marked by the end of the French Monarchy and the start of the Napoleonic era. The revolution’s main ideas were founded on the political philosophy of Enlightenment. The Napoleonic era was characterized by a fairer state that disregarded wealth and religion. Although, the revolution was not entirely successful since it replaced the monarchy with Napoleon’s d...

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