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Justice. Ever heard of the terms economic justice, social justice and political justice? How many times have we seen angry and agitated people on the streets claiming “we want justice”? Justice is a word that often appears in our daily activities. What makes the word so important and what does it mean. Can justice be partial or is it always a win-win situation. Justice forms the central objective of each and every state and society. Justice calls for fair treatment of each person, equal distribution of resources, harmony between individuals, and defending or opposing the policies, regulations, and laws that are put in place by the same name. Justice means the act of being fair. However, this raises some questions as to what measures are used to define fairness. In this case, an action is considered just if the methods that were used are fair. This may be determined by the traditional procedures or by a rational consideration of the cost-benefit analysis. It also depends on the moti...

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