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Health Literacy Strategies Name Institution Health Literacy Strategies The Latino population is quite significant and growing and is projected to make up 0.03 of the entire US population by 2050. Consequently, inequality patterns are worrying and require consideration. Latinos are less probable to both seek and get health-care services compared to the total US population (Vega, Rodriguez & Gruskin, 2009). The poor access to healthcare is due to the low health care coverage and language barriers in the Latino community. Latinos have among the highest rates of non-insurance because a majority of them work for employers who do not cover insurance. Also, they may believe coverage is not necessary since they appear healthy (Vega, Rodriguez & Gruskin, 2009). The absence of health insurance is connected to the lack of a source of care, fewer procedural referrals, and high unfulfilled needs. Also, insurance policies are being evolved towards higher payments with fewer benefits. T...

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