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Name Professor Course Date How to Attract Clients for a Dental Checkup There are many people with dental problems, yet very few attend the dental clinic. Some of the most common dental issues include a toothache, bleeding gum, tooth decay and enamel degradation. In some cases, dental problems are severe and may lead to terminal diseases like cancer and diabetes (Valencia et al. 2355). Many people shy away from approaching dentist with the fear that they may expose them to people who probably know them. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis should be a norm to everybody, however many people fail to do this and end up accumulating dental problems that may cost their teeth or even their lives. Reaching out to the clients to attend dental checkups may be a long and expansive process depending on the target market. The first step involves approaching the clients. The primary target may be on the old and those coming from low social, economic status. You should target the elde...

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