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Name Instructor Course Date For Your Life at 80 Just like my grandma, I would like to live up to and beyond 80 years. I foresee myself becoming a healthy and happy grandmother who will be strong in movements and still eloquent in communication. While in my 80s, I purpose to have a joyful life, a healthy relationship with my children and their families, and be watching over my grandchildren too. I plan to be living in the countryside with my husband having a peaceful life away from the city. By the grace of God, I plan to move to the countryside along with one of my children who despite having his family around will be taking care of me as well. Murphy posits that “fitness is one of the vital components in old age” (1). Therefore, I can see myself walking around in the beautiful countryside neighborhoods in the early mornings and evenings since I will want to maintain stronger bones and healthy body. I will also be going to church every weekend to worship God and thank Him ...

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