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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Marxism Marxism theory as applied in international relation focuses on analyzing the ideas of liberalism, realism, and constructivism which are the main philosophies developed by Karl Marx in the 19th century. Marxism theories reflect on the use of economic powers for international systems. Marxism in international relation reacts to liberal theories of economics that are advanced by successors such as Adams Smith that focus on arguments on capitalism market…

Behavioral Economics

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Question-1: Solution For the first part, I would choose 1a over 1b since there is the chance of not winning in option 1b, option in case you left out a and lost in options in b you might end up regretting since there was an assured of winning a million dollar. For the second pair, I would pick 2b over 2a; this is because for 2b chances of winning 5million is 10% which is a…

Nationalism, German growth, and industrialized militarism were great contributors to the outbreak and destructiveness of WWI. Nationalism is the idea of supporting one’s country, people or culture. During the medieval period, nationalism rose to fill the void created by the fractured catholic church nevertheless Europe infringed the sovereignty of other nation a factor that influenced the WWI. For instance, in 1871 Germany violated France freedom a factor that provoked the desire to revenge. German Growth-…


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CARBON EMISSIONS Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Table Of Figures PAGEREF _Toc511891472 h 4Abstract PAGEREF _Toc511891473 h 5I.Background Information PAGEREF _Toc511891474 h 6a.Population (current status and trend) PAGEREF _Toc511891475 h 6b.Economy (current status and trend) PAGEREF _Toc511891476 h 6c.Carbon emissions, carbon intensity PAGEREF _Toc511891477 h 6d.Current energy use, resources, and flow PAGEREF _Toc511891478 h 7e.Environmental concerns and risks PAGEREF _Toc511891479 h 7II.Power Systems PAGEREF _Toc511891480 h 8a.Current status, including energy mix…

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