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Name Professor Course Date Inadmissibility of Forensic Science Evidence in a Court The American courts until the 1980s applied a tolerant procedure of admitting experts' testimony. There was a general rule that required the expert witnesses to be professionally qualified in the area of evidence although it lacked a follow-up. Nonetheless, the qualifications of the expert witnesses were defined although on liberal terms. However, there was an increase in scientific based cases a factor that compelled the federal courts to apply the Federal Rule of Evidence 702 (Errickson et al. 132). The initial version of rule 702 required a witness to be an expert in the area of their testimony. The qualification or expertise would be through training, accumulated knowledge, skills, experience or education. The information capitalized on adequate data and tangible facts. The evidence was then based on reliable methods and principles that were also easy to apply. In 1993, a case Daubert v...

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