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Anthropology of Egyptians and Amerindians Anthropology involves examination of the past experience of human beings through archaeology with the aim of knowing how humans lived a thousand years in the past. Anthropology looks deeply into what makes people of different cultures human in terms of their social, economic and political lifestyles and cultures. In many situations, it is always interesting to study the past behaviour of human beings based on their evolutionary history. In most…

Daurbert Hearing Exercise

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Name Professor Course Date Inadmissibility of Forensic Science Evidence in a Court The American courts until the 1980s applied a tolerant procedure of admitting experts' testimony. There was a general rule that required the expert witnesses to be professionally qualified in the area of evidence although it lacked a follow-up. Nonetheless, the qualifications of the expert witnesses were defined although on liberal terms. However, there was an increase in scientific based cases a factor that…

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