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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Abstract Love is a strong affection between two beings that drives them to fancy each other. In one of the Ovid’s outstanding literary work titled “Metamorphosis,” the author depicts love in different ways. Ovid seems to suggest that love is uncontrollable feeling that makes different characters to act in extremes that are in most cases harmful to other people. Love not only affects the mortals but immortal beings are also vulnerable to the impacts resulting from love. Ovid further suggests that the powers of love diminishes reasoning and leads to immoral incidences within the society. This can be justified by the fact that love drives some characters to commit suicide while others perpetuate uncalled for practices in the society such as rape. Ovid brings out the theme of rape to portray the negative side of the love. This essay, therefore, focusses on the meaning of love as depicted in the Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Also, essa...

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