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American literature after World War II Annotated Bibliography The purpose of the project is to create a proposal for an E-textbook of American literature after World War II. In this section, a list of resources are outlines accompanied by a brief annotation demonstrating how useful in the proposed Textbook. Bandy Opadhyay, Debarati. "Negotiating Borders of Culture Jhumpa Lahiri's Fiction." Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies (2010). Journal. file:///C:/Users/ADMIN/Downloads/9-56-1-PB.pdfThe article analyses the theme of multiculturalism and morality in the context of culture as evident in the story fiction by Jhumpa Lahiri’s sexy. The theme is to be addressed in the purported textbook, and therefore it is a perfect choice. The author of this article brings out the difference affects that personal decisions can have on others. Culture and multiculturalism in which the later the individual maintains the contacts with both cultures independently. This fiction is set up at a...

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