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The Airbnb advertisement under review in this paper is of broadcast nature. The creators of the advertisement aim at solidifying the importance of Airbnb among frequent travelers. The ad runs for more than one minute showcasing why travelers should choose Airbnb as their preferred accommodation partner (Airbnb, 2014). Airbnb appeals to the emotions of the by describing how lonely it gets for people who visit new towns and they never know where to start looking for accommodation. Through the advert, Airbnb promises to make the traveler feel connected, such they will never have to travel in fear again. Airbnb pledges safety and a sense of belonging and connection for anyone who tries out their services. Airbnb advertisement falls under the brand advertisement category. Airbnb is a relatively new concept that has come along due to the emerging technology. The ad delivers a clear message which is all about putting forward the identity of Airbnb as a brand. Airbnb through the advertisement ...

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