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Maritime Disputes

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Maritime Disputes According to international law, territorial water is an area in the sea that is adjacent to the state shores. This Is an area that is subject to the territorial jurisdiction of a country. On the other hand, an exclusive economic zone is a zone whereby a country has jurisdiction over natural resources that can be exploited from the area. However, according to maritime law, high seas are all areas within the saltwater that…

Profile Internationally recognized practitioner, trainer, and lecturer in the area of computer crimes, fraud, and highly technical investigations. Topics include cyber-crimes and fraud investigations, intellectual property theft, computer forensics, network forensics, electronic discovery, cyber terrorism, network security, data encryption, steganography, and malware detection. Work Related Experience: Current: The ARC Group– Chief Executive Officer 2015-present The ARC Group is an international security, computer consulting, and private investigation company with offices in New York and Brazil. ARC…

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