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Water Quality Name: Institutional affiliation: Water Quality Abstract The quality of water is gauged by its physical appearance, the smell of the water, filtration and other laboratory tests to determine the level of contamination. The experiment sought to find out the water quality of Dasani bottled water, water from people’s taps, and Fiji water. The project tests the levels of ammonia, chlorine, alkalinity, hardness, phosphates, iron and the pH in the water. The water is first filtered to get rid of toxins. This process, however, doesn’t totally eliminate contamination. This project runs on the hypothesis that tap water has the highest amount of contaminants, followed by Dasani water then Fiji water which is expected to have the least amounts of unwanted chemicals. The results of this project led to the rejection of the hypothesis. Even though tap water possesses higher amounts of chemicals, some of the contaminants were higher in Fiji water too. Therefore the hypothesis ...

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