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Gym Risk Management Student’s Name Institution Course Date The University of Canberra Gym has been known to be among the safest gyms by many people around the area. When establishing such a secure gym location, there are several factors to be considered and the university seems to have taken care of all of that. During our many visits to the gym, there were several observations we made a group, assessed the risk associated and came up with risk management plans to even make the gym safer to the gymnast who works out there. Some of the significant observations made include the fact that the there was the water fountain in the middle of the gym are which could spill water, making the ground very slippery for runners and gymnast which can cause injuries to the people around it. Also, there was the lack of vent locations in the right place which is very important for air circulation around the gym. For the group to be able to work efficiently on the project, we had to identify ...

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