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Name Instructor Course Date U.S. and Missouri Governments and Constitutions Civil liberty Gerstein, Josh., and Rayasam, Renuka. “Trump administration requests the Supreme Court to stop abortion for an immigrant teen”. The Politico. 12/18/2017, Updated 12/19/2017. The administration of Trump requested the Supreme Court on 18th 2017 to block a teenage girl who was in an immigration custody from aborting. The federal officials had given up their efforts to deter another immigrant teen from her pregnancy termination. The efforts came following a federal judge order to the government permit abortions. The order was to be executed in all 17-year-old expectant girls held in the funded federal shelters in various states. The Department of justice did not avail adequate explanation on its consent to the girl's decision while it moved on to block another teen from aborting. The expectant teen whom officials had stopped terminating her pregnancy was about 22 weeks pregnant. The...

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