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Institutional Affiliation Transportation Management Advantages and Disadvantages of using pipeline. Pipeline is a mode that has been used to transport oil and gas over long distances. This mode of transport is advantageous since it allows the transportation of large volumes of oil and gas. It does not occupy farm land and it only involves laying of pipelines, constructing the pump stations and maintaining them. This method also has low maintenance costs, does not pollute the environment, it is safe and reliable. Pipeline can be used in all weather as it is not affected by climate. The disadvantage of pipeline is that it is slow and consumes a lot of time. It is also not easy to monitor how far the goods in transit have gone. Pipeline can only transport oil, gas, and solid slurry for example coal. The construction of pipeline is a huge investment that needs oil storage devices and gas stations to be constructed. Pipelines make it possible to transport illegal goods since it is hard to n...

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