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Name Instructor Course Date Theatre Club Skit Review The society monologue skit was performed at LGI, Quest Early College High School, on 27th of April from 3 to 5 pm. The skit starred Renae Richmond and directed by Manasi Patel. .The skit was based on the various challenges teenage girls especially adolescents face while trying to fit in the society. The teenage girl is pressured to act and dress in a certain manner which is considered ‘acceptable’ to the society. The skit is plotted around a high school student highlighting her daily experiences and the pressure she encountered. The overall performance was unbelievably great, the actress tackled her role effectively and organized. Also, the monologue was interesting to watch seemed real and something every girl can relate to. Renae was true to the skit, she delivered the intended message efficiently to the audience. She was true to her role since she brought out the pressures girls go through in order to fit in clearl...

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