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THE SOUL UNION WITH THE BODY Student’s Name Course Date Arguments on Question 75 Concerning whether the soul is a body or not, Aquinas argued that it appears that a soul is a body. He held that a soul is a transporter of a body. Nevertheless, it does not offer propulsion without being pushed, since it appears that nothing can be a transporter unless it is moved as nothing provides to another something it does not possess and because if a substance is an unmoved mover, it follows that it is an origin of a propulsion that is perpetual, yet this does not seem to be true with a movement of an animal, which originates from the soul. Hence, a soul is a mover that is propelled. Every mover that is propelled is a body and, thus, a soul is a body. Aquinas also mentions that a mover has to have some interface with the substance propelled. However, only bodies interface. Consequently, because a soul propels a body, it appears that a soul is a body. On the other hand, concerning the que...

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