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Student’s Name:Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Encounter with Mentally Ill Prisoners In Frontline’s “the new asylums” episode, the documentary focuses on the question of the increased number of the mentally ill in prisons rather than the psychiatric hospitals (“The New Asylums” 00:4:58-00:05:18). The film provides the scenario of the circumstances in Ohio. The decreased amount of the psychiatric hospitals in America has probably led to roaming the streets by the individuals affected by mental disorders. The outcome of the action is the commitment of minor crimes and end up in jail since they do not have any other place to go. The documentary also illustrates the difficulties that the prison goes through while trying to treat the mentally ill yet the system is mainly meant to provide punishment and security. There is need to review the issue and implement some strategies to tackle the problem. Concerning the increase in the number of the mentally sick in pris...

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