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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby was authored in 1925 and is about a man who desires to achieve the American Dream. The speaker of the story is Nick Caraway, an aristocratic American who changes his location to New York from the West to work for his goals as a bond agent (Fitzgerald 20). He met with a strange but wealthy man called Jay Gatsby. He engaged himself in Gatsby's idea to revive a past lover by the name Daisy Buchanan; who was a cousin to Nick. Jay Gatsby acts as the protagonist in the novel and has engaged himself in various criminal activities such as bootlegging and alcohol sale when it had been banned (Fitzgerald 27). He organized parties where he meets Daisy and starts a relationship with her. Tom Buchanan was Daisy's husband but was also having an affair with a woman who managed a garage called Myrtle Wilson. While driving Gatsby's vehicle heading home, Daisy hits and kills Myrtle but did not know that ...

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