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The Beauty of Interdisciplinary Studies It is always a desire of many students to do a good degree course that they enjoy. Many students find it really pleasing to realize that the degree program they are pursuing is not only marketable but it is in line with their talents, hobbies and heart desires. The truth of the matter is that many times, degree programs can be in line with a student's desires but is not marketable. At many times, the degree might be so marketable in terms of the job market but fail to fulfill the degree holder's inner desires. Interdisciplinary studies are the best programs that build bridges between a student's desires and talents with the job market. Therefore, this essay is a reflection of my areas of studies that I chose at Liberty University and how the interdisciplinary course I am pursuing shapes my career and my general life. An interdisciplinary study involves involving and combining two or many professions, skills, knowledge, technology, or departments ...

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