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TEAM MEETING HANDOUT After a discussion with the new team member, it is identified that there are some further areas that need re-enforcing, and you decide that all the team might benefit from a refresher. Prepare a hand-out that you can use at the next team meeting to clarify the points identified. It is envisaged that the TEAM MEETING HANDOUT would have an estimated word count of 750-1000 words, equivalent to 2-3 pages. The current word count of this document is around 370 words which means that your final submission should have at least 1120 words. The hand-out must include: A brief explanation of the key features for each of the following types of assessment: initial assessment, formative assessment & summative assessment. (Unit 3: LO 1.1) No. Assessment Type Why should they be used? (Purpose) 1 Initial Assessment It helps identify the needs of the learner as well as the support each learner might need. It helps the teacher design the learning plan for each individual l...

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