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Steroids Use in Baseball Introduction For as long as baseball has existed, players have attempted to gain a physical advantage over their adversaries in the league. As a result, in the last few decades, performance-enhancing drugs have pervaded the sport impacting the way the society views the game itself not to mention the players (Ward, 2015). Steroids like testosterone shots and other anabolic drugs have become common among the players in the bid to boost strength and ability and primarily to increase chances of hitting home runs. This paper seeks to delve into the use of steroids in baseball and its impact. Arguments A. Steroids use has a lasting detrimental effect on the player’s health. The effects include, but not limited to; Players using performance-enhancing drugs have documented significant side effects associated with the drug such as shrunken testicles, liver complications, development of tumors, infertility, and breast development in addition to the development of addic...

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