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Revolutionary Medicine Through his travels both as a student and also as a doctor, Dr. Ernesto Guevara, encountered regions of the world were poverty was quite rampant to the extent of not being able to treat a child for lack of funds, or a father gracefully accepting the death of a son, as they had nothing much they could do. This made certain his resolve not only to contribute to the field of medicine but to help these people. He then embarked on a journey, as a way to start a revolution and understand the way of life of the people and how exactly he could help them. Throughout his mission, therefore, he taught them several things but later realized that he had a lot to learn from them as well; such as the value of human life. He likens it to be worth much more than the wealth of the richest man, or a remuneration not being so much worth as the gratitude of serving people (Guevara, 2). He hence concludes that other than offering charity, telling them where they go wrong or trying so ...

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