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Author’s Name Professor Course Due Date Return to Normalcy This term refers to the famous slogan used by the presidential aspirant Warren Harding during the United States election period. This statement got stated as a promise to of exposing Americans to the life they lived before the First World War. This fact meant restoring the once peaceful and prosperous nation back on its feet. The normalcy Harding talks about gets analyzed as the gilded age since the specific actions taken after his election resembled those of this era. Contrary to the progressive era, the aspects that marked this return to normalcy were under several categories. This period got marred by the great persecution of African Americans. Hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan rose against the black segregating them as they did foreigners and other immigrants. This fact impacted much on the state since African Americans could not feel like they were natives in their own country. Terror tactics like lynching were ...

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