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The basis of this play is realism. The play outlines the drama of a nineteenth-century marriage. There is a difficulty for Nora in understanding her role as a woman in society. She is overly submissive and humble which results to Torvald, her husband, taking advantage of her by abusing her verbally and denying her proper emotional and financial support. The setting of the play unequivocally shows the roles that women and men played at that time in family settings. The husband, Torvald, is primarily seen as being a dominating figure. On the other hand, the role of caring for the husband and children is placed upon Nora. The critical role of a woman was to care for the family. In Act 1 where Helmer tells Nora “Now I don’t have to sit here alone, boring myself, and you don’t have to tire your precious eyes and your fair, delicate hands” (Ibsen 9 Act I). What makes the play to be realistic is that gender role are clear-cut agreeing with the specific roles of families at that time. ...

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