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Name Instructor Course Date Response from TED talk and Book People have different modes of thinking, and all of them are important in solving various problems. Markedly, people on the autistic spectrum can be characterized as visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, and verbal thinkers. There are many kids across the globe with various forms of developmental disability such as autism. Therefore, I think there is need to understand these children and support them since they have different interests, talents, and abilities. Parents, as well as, teachers should help autistic children to make use of their unique abilities. For instance, in TED Talk, Grandin explains how her ability to think in pictures helped her to excel in her work with cattle (n.p). I concur with Grandin’s words; children diagnosed with autism can become successful in life since they are in a position to solve problems that cannot be resolved by neurotypical brains. For this reason, the society should appreciate pe...

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