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Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Abstract This assignment is about the mission that CIO will hold on introducing new strategies that will help in the success of the corporate. The mission will comprise of nine major important points that will be discussed. Being an operation manager in the department, I will discuss the roll-out phase using a three-phase system and respond to the technology on LAN and MAN. I will take a chance and look at reasons for the fifth point, “Meeting management required information," has to be included in the list of CIO. I will then imagine that in the first phase only (3) points are rolled out. It will evaluate and then determine which point in (3) is the most important for the first rollout phase. Finally, I will recommend one point that included in the CIO is what will make sure that the mission statement will have a detail of the security topic. Why the Company is in Need of Computing Function. Communication is simply the transfer o...

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