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Racism in America Racism is still an issue affecting the US residents in 2018. The percentage of opinion polls in the recent times show a rise in the extent of racism in America since 2011. It is worth noting that racial prejudice and bigotry go hand in hand. However, racial discrimination entails the disregard and hatred over a different race while racism is oppression of people as seen institutions and social organizations. Racism existed in the past and continued to crop into the American social, political and economic organizations despite its reduction. The U.S. has no idea of what racism feels. Native Americans have no fear of being harassed by the police, enjoy their full rights, enjoy the security of jobs, property and can access quality education. The Blacks, therefore, are at their worst in the US since for so long, their human rights have had to be neglected and their voice suppressed (Wilson, 24). Surprisingly, the current President Donald Trump declared himself utterly non...

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