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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Quantum Mechanics and Free Will The formulation of the Quantum Mechanics theory facilitated the explanation for the observations that cannot be explained using the classical physic theories. Since then, many theorists and scientists argue that quantum mechanics is the basis for argument about free will. Some scientists argue that there exists indeterminism in natural laws and that the mind can alter the wave functions causing a collapse which eventually facilitates the aspect of free will in an individual. A thorough evaluation of the issue of indeterminism and free will asserts that indeterminism does not necessarily translate to mean free will. However, there exists a linkage between indeterminism and free will which does not satisfactorily provide the basis for linking quantum mechanics to free will or mind (Lopez-Corredoira 1). This evaluation will provide the argument about quantum mechanics, indeterminism, and free will a...

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