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Phantom Pain Name: Tutor: Institution: Date: During the dissemination of health care services, both physicians and patients may be forced to make a difficult decision regarding the fate of the patient’s limb or any other body part. The only technique to eliminate cancerous growths that have only manifested in one area of the body is through the amputation of the limb or limbs that contain the growth. Additionally, there are times when a patient might be involved in a dangerous physical harm that may render one of his or her limbs irreparable. Apart from cancer and physical incapacitation, other terminal illnesses like diabetes may also require the physician to perform an amputation on the affected limb. In this scenario, there are a number of both physical and psychological consequences that the patient who has undergone an amputation may feel. There are numerous reported incidents whereby patients describe feeling a sensation of pain coming from a limb that has already been ...

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