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Student’s Name Professor Subject Date Outline of the Book of Isaiah The book of Isaiah is one of the major Messianic prophets in the Old Testament. In fact, it is the first one which describes oracles, the message of hope and salvation, reports as well as giving prophecies (Mayfield 275). Amoz was the father of Isaiah. Isaiah is a name which refers to the salvation of the Lord.It has sixty-six chapters. The book can be discussed by considering the ten sections which reveal and then provide solutions to weaknesses (Yee 20). The outline can be divided into two segments; chapters one to thirty-nine is about revealing the weaknesses of human beings and the remaining chapters talk about how to cope with the weaknesses. The setting of the first part of the book of Isaiah is during the time of Assyrians (pre-exilic Israel), whereas the second part is during the days of Babylonians when Israel was in exile (Goldingay 40). During the Assyrian period, the prophet speaks about the indi...

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