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Name Tutor Course Date Mid-Term Essay Exam Question 1 There are two versions of the J-curve on the relative deprivation theory to explain their models. Use both models to explain why it is that developed states do not experience that same kind of social upheaval as some developing states that are experiencing the worst of the J-curve? The J-curve has received a lot of attention over the years as it is used to identify the reasoning behind the combined rebellion of people seen as victims of injustice. The J-curve works to explain why the value of currencies in nations should not immediately improve the trade balance. The theory states that for a depreciation currency to have a positive impact on the balance of trade, the sum of imports and exports should be more than one. If the currency of the host country depreciates the foreign currency will have more value. Developing countries experience social crisis because they are still learning how to make the most out of their expor...

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