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Jail and Prison Comparison Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Jail and Prison Comparison During the early days' justice was being served using the Code of Hammurabi, created about 1780 B.C. This code was the ancient Hebrew law, as “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (Stohr and Walsh, 2017). This promoted vengeance as a way of correcting wrongdoing. Vengeance was deemed not to be just, and with time a school of penology known as the Classical School was formed. Correction institutions were first introduced in Europe as early as the tenth century as penal institutions to hold pre-trial detainees (Stohr and Walsh, 2017). Siegel and Worrall (2013) identify that Italy used Le Stinche as early as 1301 and during 1776 to 1785 English prisoners were being held in hulks (abandoned in 1858).   According to Stohr and Walsh (2017), correction is a generic term used to cover functions carried out by government agencies to do with executing the judgment of persons accuse...

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