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ProDiscover is a forensic tool which uses its image file format (Technology Pathways, 2003). Hence, conversion of the file to an easier format for access is necessary. A VHD file converted from ProDiscover image file into VirtualBox can load by extracting it via opening the EXE file. Then create a new window server machine on the VirtualBox. Existing hard disk is selected for storage thus saving time. Additionally, the extracted file is used. After the above process, the virtual machine will be able to run by utilizing the VHD file that has been loaded. Digital forensics science is a system that entails investigation. The investigation consists of examination and analysis of digital media which takes place with the help of forensic tools and equipment like hardware and software. Verifying and validating tools to be used works together. Validation of the tool ensures that it functions as intended and the result is verified through of use of another similar method. Furthermore, the appro...

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