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Innovation Proposal Apple, Inc. <Name of Student> <University> Abstract Prominent physicists and scholars including but not limited to Michio Kaku and Ray Kurzweil have predicted that a product designed with a harmonious combination of VR/AR technology will replace the smartphones which have become so ubiquitous over the past 10 years (Kaku, 2011). Utilizing their vast resources and brilliant researchers to overcome the plateau in sales of the world's once best selling product, Apple, Inc. is recommended to introduce their own solution of this technology in a form factor that is both stylish and accessible. Although it has been confirmed through various patents that the tech giant is in fact already working towards this, investors hypothesize that they are patiently waiting for more improvements in mobile processors and displays to allow for an even better consumer experience (Kaku, 2011). Innovation Proposal Apple, Inc. In the history of Information Technology, n...

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