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ACT I 101 INT. HOUSE – DAY Tony sits on a tattered and worn out sofa with a bottle of scotch in his hands. He looks already drunk, but he continues to sip from the bottle. The room is untidy with clothes lying around. He wakes up and heads for the fringe. When he is about to open the fridge, his phone rings and he stretches his hands to reach for it because he had placed it on the table adjacent to the refrigerator. TONY (In a low and relaxed voice) Hello!! BRIAN (In a high pitched tone) How are you doing mate? It’s been a while. TONY (Now sobering up) Oh! I am doing fine, just ups and downs. BRIAN Can we meet and hang out today? TONY (Looking confused) Yeah, we can. What time and location? BRIAN (In an inquisitive tone) Will the Brook club be convenient for you? TONY (In a composed tone) Yes, I am a great fan of the place, see you in 4 hours’ time. BRIAN Okay, see you mate. FADE OUT. 102 INT. IN BROOK CLUB – EVENING There is loud music playing with waiters and customers talkin...

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