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Part 1 Chapter 21 The arrival of Germany in 1870 as a new powerful player on the international scene became a disruption to the already established order. While the world war impacted Europe’s colonial empires by drawing in laborers and soldiers from the colonies, which served to consolidate their power. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria and his wife in June 1914 by a Tibetan nationalist was the immediate cause of World War I, while the stock market speculation played a significant role in causing the Great Depression. Events leading to WWI and impact on WWII; events and their aftermath; Formation of alliances before the war served to enhance the fronts in which different countries fought in the war. However, the impact of the WWII was both short lived and long lived. The immediate impact is the loss of lives during the war, while others lost jobs, which directly affected the economy as well. However, the war also had a positive impact s...

Free HIST 2322 Final Exam 2018 Review 2 Dissertation Example

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