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Name: Professor: Class: Date: Genetically Modified Crops Scientists have developed techniques to engineer crops genetically. The first modified crops were done over forty years ago, and these crops have commercially been available to all regions on earth. Their adoption has increased progressively over the years, and currently, these crops are widely accepted. Crop production is supplemented by science to feed all populations and use more land for agricultural purposes even with the changes in climatic conditions. The scientists inserted the desirable crop traits into the genes of the plant either from the same plant species or unrelated plant organisms. Some common desirable qualities include drought-resistant plant variants, resistance to herbicides, modification to ward off plant viruses and fungi and toxicity to larval pests (Bawa & Anilakumar 1036). In Oryx and Crake, Snowman, who initially was known as Jimmy narrates the changes and destruction of the world by scient...

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