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Introduction to Digital Forensics

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ProDiscover is a forensic tool which uses its image file format (Technology Pathways, 2003). Hence, conversion of the file to an easier format for access is necessary. A VHD file converted from ProDiscover image file into VirtualBox can load by extracting it via opening the EXE file. Then create a new window server machine on the VirtualBox. Existing hard disk is selected for storage thus saving time. Additionally, the extracted file is used. After the…


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Name Instructor Task Date Monsters Monsters are creatures that elicit fear among human beings. They do this by their action, appearance or by human beings thinking or imagining about them. While the word monster always gives an impression of an evil-looking mythical and paranormal creature, it can also be used to define a human being who causes terror and suffering to other human beings. Ghost and demons are often debatable concepts, with a split between…

Response from TED talk & book

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Name Instructor Course Date Response from TED talk and Book People have different modes of thinking, and all of them are important in solving various problems. Markedly, people on the autistic spectrum can be characterized as visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, and verbal thinkers. There are many kids across the globe with various forms of developmental disability such as autism. Therefore, I think there is need to understand these children and support them since they have…

Aviation Questions

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Aviation Questions Q 1: Homegrown Radicals Deadlier Than Jihadists in the US Terrorism activities conducted by homegrown radicalized individuals has become the most dangerous form of terrorism, surpassing the various Jihadist groups that operate outside the country. The targets of these radicals include transport facilities, particularly the public transportation system. This has caused many changes in the transportation system, whose aim has been to increase security. This includes carrying out security checks before boarding a…

Developing Mathematical thinking

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Developing Mathematical Thinking Introduction: Mathematical knowledge and skills are essential within the technical and science world. An incorporation of algebraic expressions has been of great demand in exposing children to proper development of their mathematical grasp. Some of the key terms include algebraic expressions, mathematical thinking, research and teaching strategies. Algebraic expressions are phrases in mathematics that are used in developing individuals’ mathematical thinking and thought…

The Beauty of Interdisciplinary Studies It is always a desire of many students to do a good degree course that they enjoy. Many students find it really pleasing to realize that the degree program they are pursuing is not only marketable but it is in line with their talents, hobbies and heart desires. The truth of the matter is that many times, degree programs can be in line with a student's desires but is not…

water quality

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Water Quality Name: Institutional affiliation: Water Quality Abstract The quality of water is gauged by its physical appearance, the smell of the water, filtration and other laboratory tests to determine the level of contamination. The experiment sought to find out the water quality of Dasani bottled water, water from people’s taps, and Fiji water. The project tests the levels of ammonia, chlorine, alkalinity, hardness, phosphates, iron and the pH in the water. The water is…

Songs and Earth Sounds Name Institutional Affiliation The Voyager Golden Record is one of the most creative works made directed to the aliens. The Musical record is inspired by the need to offer some form of evidence to the aliens that humans ever existed on the Earth. Therefore, exhilarating music was selected from all over the earth to capture the position of the earth in the universe, how life on earth is and its scenic…

Controversies in Organ Transplant

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Controversies in Organ Transplant Student Name Institution Organ transplant is definitely one of the most important innovations in the medical World owing to the number of lives that are saved each year due to the procedure. It is said that a single donor can save up to eight lives. It is also known that receiving organs such as kidneys is way cheaper and more effective as opposed to the use of dialysis machines for patients…

Do Children who grow up in Middle-Class Single Parent Households become more prone to Committing Domestic Violence when they are Adults in Relationships? Student’s Name University Abstract The family life impacts of the single parents on children’s adult relationships are grouped into socioeconomic position and short-term effects of divorce. Single-parent families that develop because of divorce can have adverse behavioral and psychological consequences on the children in their early ages, which can maintain up to…

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