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Brain Student Name Institution Affiliation 1. Discuss the pros and cons of psychosurgery with patients who might be violent, antisocial, or capable of criminal acts. Psychosurgery is disabling some brain parts to treat behavioral disorders, disorders in personality or any other mental complications. They have evolved Modern ways where the parts responsible for feelings emotions and thoughts are the most considered. (Sosa, & Krigbaum, 2013). The disabling of brain parts have both advantages and disadvantages…

Brain Aneurysm Repair (surgery)

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Brain Aneurysm Repair Name of Student. Institution Affiliation. Brain Aneurysm Repair Brain Aneurysm Repair is a surgical procedure meant to correct an aneurysm that is majorly caused by the swelling of some blood vessels that may rapture and lead to bleeding in the areas around the brain or bleeding into the brain leading to a hematoma. A complicated procedure needs qualified doctors to undertake the surgeries. Aneurysm clipping or an aneurysm endovascular repair can achieve…

Final Paper

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Name Professor Course Date Ways through Which the Medieval Period Influenced the Modern World. The medieval period, is also called the Middle and is the period that commenced in the 5th century, ending in the 15th century. This time, according to historical sources, started with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and after that combined with the Renaissance and the age of discovery. Furthermore, the period is subdivided into three other divisions, characterized by…

McDonald’s Corporation

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McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald's is a fast food firm that was incorporated in the year 1940. The firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The headquarters of McDonald's is based in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. The founders of this company Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald who were brothers. The increased number of working-class people in the US made it a necessity for a place where the working-class would get ready-made food at a…


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Institution Course Name Date Poverty in America Introduction Even though America is a first world-class country, the menace of poverty in America cannot go unnoticed. Despite having a big group of Americans who are middle class, meaning they can afford basic needs, there is still a small group of Americans who up to now cannot afford some of the basic needs. The good thing about America is that the level of its poverty is not…

Occupational health nursing

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Public health nurses provide services to the community to help improve the overall health of the area. The services provided by public health nurses are preventive, promotive and curative. Their role is to evaluate the health needs of populations and therefore diagnose and create a policy that helps in addressing community health needs. The public health nurse is involved in planning for the whole community to prevent disease, disability and to ensure that the health…

Anthropology of Egyptians and Amerindians Anthropology involves examination of the past experience of human beings through archaeology with the aim of knowing how humans lived a thousand years in the past. Anthropology looks deeply into what makes people of different cultures human in terms of their social, economic and political lifestyles and cultures. In many situations, it is always interesting to study the past behaviour of human beings based on their evolutionary history. In most…


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Dysmenorrhea Name Institution PART A. Root Causes of Dysmenorrhea Dysmenorrhea is a condition characterized by severe abdominal pain during menstruation. Other symptoms that may accompany it include lower back pain, bloating, nausea and vomiting. There are two types of the condition, primary and secondary. The former is when the pain has no pelvic pathology, which accompanies the latter disorder. Approximately 40 to 95% of reproductive women suffer from this disorder with 10-20% of them reporting…


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Immunisation Impacts. Name University Details Date of Submission Response to Immunisation Impacts. I concur with the student for advocating that Immunisation would help control, mumps, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, and influenza that Immunisations keeps children away from such diseases. According to Foran et al., the main purpose of vaccination is to protect people from diseases. However, in some cases, people do get discouraged from taking the vaccine because of its side effects and religious reasons.…

Community-Focused Nursing

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Community-Focused Nursing. There have been changes in the healthcare requirements of the society which have induced the need for changes in health care services too. As a result, there has been an expansion in the role of nurses in the delivery of care. The objective of community-focused nursing is to improve the health of the community which is in line with public health practice (Distelhorst & Wyss, 2013). Community health nursing targets vulnerable groups like…

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