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Nursing hourly rounding

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Nursing Hourly Rounding Name Institution Nursing Hourly Rounding Definition of Clinical Question Based on PICOT The following phrases were used to develop a PICOT question, P = acute care patient, I = hourly rounding, C= compare to a unit that does not practice hourly rounding and O= within 1 week of admission. The question was ‘Does hourly rounding decrease falls in acute care unit and increase patient’s satisfaction?’ The study herein had an initial 2,300…

Professional Pathway Discussion

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Institutional Affiliation In the past, leadership styles have been viewed to be relevant for for-profit organizations. This course has been an eye-opener for me in understanding the critical role that leadership plays in healthcare, and specifically in nursing management. The core target of any healthcare institution is to provide quality care in the care process, hence, ensure patient satisfaction and achievement of the intended health outcomes. In this course, I have been able to learn…

Dysfunctional Relationship: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The novel is about two generations of the Heathcliffs, Earnshaws, and Lintons. Heathcliff is found from the Liverpool streets by Mr. Earnshaw and taken to Wuthering Heights to join his family, Catherine, his new sister ultimately accepts him, but not his brother new brother, Hindley, does not accept him (Bronte 25). Mr. Earnshaw's apparent preference of Heathcliff encourages rivalry among the siblings that was already there. The situation…

5 questions

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Social Work and Human Services Name Institution Affiliation Social Work and Human Services The issues relating to grandparents and the care of their grandchildren have been observed to be on the rise especially across the African cultures. However, the care is still inadequate as far as the child care need for care is demanding. Furthermore, most of the grandparents have been found to be at their old age, and they require special care as well.…

Media and Gender Stereotypes

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Media and Gender Stereotypes Stereotyping has a significant impact on how we perceive other people. The human mind, according to Tukachinsky (2015), tends to develop the habit of quick-interpretation of other people without putting much thought into the in-depth characteristics of a person. In this case, the human mind organizes and simplifies the information about the surrounding thus creating series of stereotypes. As a result, people develop cognitive schemes that control their perception of the…


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Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Career Choice There are many important decisions that one has to make in his or her life, and one of them is choosing a career. Choosing to follow a certain career path requires careful consideration of various factors as these will determine personal satisfaction and fulfillment that one gains from the career. After careful consideration of personal, environmental and academic factors, I discovered that my heart and mind are set…

Occupational health nursing

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Public health nurses provide services to the community to help improve the overall health of the area. The services provided by public health nurses are preventive, promotive and curative. Their role is to evaluate the health needs of populations and therefore diagnose and create a policy that helps in addressing community health needs. The public health nurse is involved in planning for the whole community to prevent disease, disability and to ensure that the health…

The Importance of Home Care in Community Health. Homecare seeks to ensure that the sick receive quality care in the convenience of one’s home. This could also include the elderly and the disabled. It allows patients to receive personalized care within the privacy of their homes (Hsieh, 2017). It involves a wide range of services such as wound and pain management among others. This helps the individual to remain independent and functional while at the…


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Dysmenorrhea Name Institution PART A. Root Causes of Dysmenorrhea Dysmenorrhea is a condition characterized by severe abdominal pain during menstruation. Other symptoms that may accompany it include lower back pain, bloating, nausea and vomiting. There are two types of the condition, primary and secondary. The former is when the pain has no pelvic pathology, which accompanies the latter disorder. Approximately 40 to 95% of reproductive women suffer from this disorder with 10-20% of them reporting…

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ON STRESS AMONG NURSES Name University Date Abstract This essay is a qualitative academic critique of research written by Sonali Kar (2013), entitled: a study on stress among Nurses. Throughout the article, the author described the challenges faced by nurses working at a private hospital in Suburban Kolkata. The objectives of this research were to examine workplace stressors for nurses and explore the lives of the nurses working in the private sector. The…

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