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American History[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees] [Institutional Affiliation(s)]American HistoryLesson 17: Amendment to the Constitution The first 10 amendments represented the fears of the antifederalist that the US. might become like Britain without a bill of rights. The 14th and 15th are the most important because they promote civil rights for all persons in the US. Q 1 The reason for the first amendment was to protect the rights that were perceived…

How Do the Media Shape Gender?

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Name: Professor’s Name: Unit: Date: How the Media Shapes Gender The media mirrors the society and everything it represents. It constitutes two main categories, reality, and fiction. Both have their foundation and basis on real issues that are more similar than they are different among different kinds of people. Moreover, the media shapes the opinions of people towards various issues (Lantagne n.p.). The effects to a specific person depend on how receptive they are to…

Product Launches Failure

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Product Launches Failure. A product launch is a marketing approach used by companies which want to release a new product in the market with the aim of making a lot of sales within the shortest time possible. Similarly, for the product’s launch to be successful, the company has to plan their launching time well and also know their target customers and target market. Equally, after the launching of the new product, the customers have to be…


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Name Professor Course Date Vocabulary Log Polemic Pg. 15 Definition: A strong written or verbal attack directed at something. Contextual quote: “it is polemic; it is opinion.” Personal application: I gave my bully a lengthy polemic until he left me alone. Futuristic Pg. 21 Definition: having modern technology Contextual quote: “The huge wall-screen televisions were as futuristic and implausible.” Personal application: the award-winning design was futuristic Implausible Pg. 21 Definition; failing to convince, seeming not…

Name Instructor Course Date Christianity Effects on Medieval Europe Christianity is a religion that began as a small tradition, but during the middle age, it spread across the world. Europe was majorly impacted during the medieval age especially after the fall of the Roman Empire. The medieval people in Europe adopted Christianity and became great believers of the Catholic religion. Europe needed guidance to retain stability, and the church had a remarkable influence on the…


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EDUCATION Name Date TABLE 1- Interview Sample The table is made up of data obtained from 27 female teachers. The information has been grouped under various distinctions. These are to wit; the stage or academic level in which the interviewees teach, the subject of their teaching and the number of years of experience which they possess. The educational level has been classified as either Primary, Intermediate or Secondary level. It was evident from the table…


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“Halo”-Beyoncé The film “Halo” by Beyoncé includes many dancing styles that enable her to portray the main intention of the song ("Beyoncé - Halo"). Camera shots taken at intervals mainly portray the video dance movements. The dance moves mainly portray Beyoncé’s thoughts and feelings throughout the video. This essay evaluates the video and dance movement in Beyoncé’ song “Halo” and describes how it I used to portray the theme and intention of the video. Beyoncé…

It Came from Outer Space (1953) and Forbidden Planet (1956) Scientific fiction movies have had numerous criticisms before the people could receive them in the best way as the other genres of films. For the year 1950, there have been several scientific fiction movies that have managed to succeed in places where the former ones had failed. The genre has been attracting several audiences as it became regular in the movie industry. These movies have…

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