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Women Leading in the Work Place Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The debate about women leading in the workplace has been in existence for several decades. When it comes to leadership roles, women are underestimated and are considered weak. Thus, there have been very few women CEO in the corporate world especially in the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Women have been doing the best they can to empower other women to get into…

Website Comparison

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The National Institute of Health and the WebMD sites both focus on providing information regarding health. They make it easier for the audience to get answers about certain medical issues and concerns. They both serve as a support system when it comes to medical information but it is advised to seek medical advice instead of depending on the information obtained online. From an analytical perspective, the National Institute of Health site can be viewed as…

Internal Spare Part Management in Company Name: Institutional Affiliation Abstract Inconsistency in the spare part department is creating financial losses in the business. Flaws in the production processes can cause massive revenue losses, and that is prevented by having an inventory management system. Having a maintenance and inventory unit is important in spare part management and repair of any breakdowns. The inter-link between supply chain and inventory system is established. The relation between the two…

Negative Representation of Blacks in the Movie “Coming to America” Introduction African Americans have always been depicted negatively in the media (Weaver, pp.59). And the movie “Coming to America” is no different. The movie is just another negative continued representation of African Americans in the media. The movie begins at the royal palace in the Zamunda Kingdom, a fictional kingdom in Africa. The audience is introduced to Prince Akeem, who is turning 21 on the…

Carbon Fiber NZ limited

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Executive SummaryCarbon fiber is definitely one of the most efficient materials that can be used in specific industries for specified purposes. This type of material is light in weight and is less expensive compared to close substitutes such as aluminum. However, full commercialization of this material to make a business of a global reach has not been realized even up-to-date. Carbon Fiber NZ Limited is a company in the formulation process which aims at the…

Airbnb Advertising

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The Airbnb advertisement under review in this paper is of broadcast nature. The creators of the advertisement aim at solidifying the importance of Airbnb among frequent travelers. The ad runs for more than one minute showcasing why travelers should choose Airbnb as their preferred accommodation partner (Airbnb, 2014). Airbnb appeals to the emotions of the by describing how lonely it gets for people who visit new towns and they never know where to start looking…

Ethnic Politics

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Ethnic Politics The purpose of the article is to understand the instances when ethnic political parties turn out to be a success in one part of the world while they fail in others. It is a unique sociopolitical phenomenon when two things designed in the same manner give two opposite results and can help understand how societies work. Two models analyzed Colombia and Venezuela, and it was argued that how the ethnic population including the…


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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Source Analysis Source 1- How to Get Your Mind to Read The article focuses on reading in America and the author starts by acknowledging the fact that Americans are not good at reading. Reading in America is not a priority since most of the Americans focus on other activities such as chatting and reading via internet applications such as snapshots. Moreover, most of the people in America skim through…

Internship Report

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This internship report is a description of my four months internship report, carried out as a required component that will facilitate the award of my college degree. The internship period began on 31st December 2017 and was carried out at the Window covering specialist, LLC. Since my interests on this subject are based on the Window treatment, my work concentrated on the specialist treatment, role of the supervisor. Before the commencement of the internship period,…


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Bullying and Its Impact on the Marginalized Youth Name University Affiliation Abstract Research has uncovered that youth who experience bullying at some stage in life tend to develop a wide range of psychological issues. Instances of racial and ethnic victimization have long been reported the worlds over as the minorities are bullied every day. However, there has recently been an increase in cases of bullying targeted toward immigrant youth. In preparation of this report on…

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