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Suicide Help Awareness Programming

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Suicide can be described in simple terms as the process by which an individual internationally kills oneself. It is a very commonly seen in our midst today. The World Health Organization, for instance, reports that approximately 800000 lives are lost worldwide due to suicide. The most unfortunate part of this report is that the majority of this number comprises of those between fifteen and twenty-nine years of age ("Suicide data," 2018). With the problem at…

Name Instructor Course Date U.S. and Missouri Governments and Constitutions Civil liberty Gerstein, Josh., and Rayasam, Renuka. “Trump administration requests the Supreme Court to stop abortion for an immigrant teen”. The Politico. 12/18/2017, Updated 12/19/2017. The administration of Trump requested the Supreme Court on 18th 2017 to block a teenage girl who was in an immigration custody from aborting. The federal officials had given up their efforts to deter another immigrant teen from her pregnancy…

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Teaching Strategies Becoming aware of your school environment is critical to improving your performance and those of your students. After reviewing the background of my class and realizing that 30% of my students are performing below expected standards, I will have to be cognizant of the fact that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Getting to know these students better is the first step.…

Exhibition Press Release

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Press Release Local Gallery for Art works, which include paintings and Sculptures The local specialized gallery for paintings and sculpture is a significant event for art enthusiasts within the district. It will be held from May 1 through 4, 2018 at the JM Building. The exhibition shall feature a broad array of paintings and sculptures from different artists and sculptors, expressing different genres. In this year’s edition of the exhibition, the organization welcomes a variety…

Papa Johns Pizza

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Marketing Strategies: Papa John’s Pizza Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Date Abstract Marketing strategies form the backbone of most firms, as it determines the market share and the number of new customers that a company gains. A review of the marketing strategies employed by Papa John’s provides an understanding of why this company is the third largest supplier of pizza in the world. The review shall use the four tactical plans of product, place, promotion,…


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#4(k) Student’s name Institution #4(k) In December 2017, the Public Health England introduced a video advert released to media to warn against smoking. The video accompanies with a narrative that describes the visible effects of tobacco. In the video, as the actor smokes, chemical substances from the smoke flows through the bloodstream into various parts of the body. The video demonstrates the flow of tar chemical through the blood in a matter of seconds and…

Communication Audit

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Communication Audit Introduction Communication, whether internal or external, is one of the key factors in any successful organization (Wright, 2016). To ensure that the employees, employers and the customers have a proper relationship, is essential to conduct an audit. A communication audit is a tool that makes it easy to identify the weaknesses and strengths of ways of communication in a given firm. In this writing, the focus will be on the steps of auditing…


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THE NAZI AND STALIN REGIMES. PART ONE: HITLER "The National Socialists were violent street thugs, who used violence to intimidate and physically attack their political opponents." From the start of the NS movement until its end in 1945, assess the validity of this statement. Be sure to use specific examples to support your analysis. The National Socialism, also called the Nazi movement, was the ideological practice and associated with the traditional German’s Nazi people. Its…

Arabic In France

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Arabic in France (Name) (Institution)Arabic in France Introduction Until the year 2012, it was arguable that France was still a monoculture country. The year 2016 was marked with a festival that celebrated and highlighted the impact of the Arabic language to the French culture and art. According to Coller (2011), Arabic was being considered as a primary language in France. However, the Arabic was hardly taught in schools, and people associated it with evil and…


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Discussion An often overlooked point of research includes comprehension of whether or not a data source is trustworthy. Several sources of information that naturally channel credibility include the United States Department of Education and particular online encyclopedias such as Britannica. However, in situations where one is unsure, it is critical to review several basic considerations. For example, the location of publishing is highly influential on credibility. Data published in a federal document or a peer-reviewed…

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