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Community-Focused Nursing

Words: 550
Pages: 2

Community-Focused Nursing. There have been changes in the healthcare requirements of the society which have induced the need for changes in health care services too. As a result, there has been an expansion in the role of nurses in the delivery of care. The objective of community-focused nursing is to improve the health of the community which is in line with public health practice (Distelhorst & Wyss, 2013). Community health nursing targets vulnerable groups like…

Policy Memo

Words: 2200
Pages: 4

Policy Memo: Mental Health Status of Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants in Texas Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Mental Health Status of Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants in Texas Executive Summary TO:Recipient’s Name Department of State Health Services FROM:Senders Name SUBJECT:Mental health status of undocumented Hispanic immigrants in Houston, Texas DATE:Day Month Year Problem Statement Research indicates the Latin-American population has a lower lifetime prevalence of mental health disorders than the U.S-born non-Hispanic White population. Despite holding a seeming mental…

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