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Kathutia Week 2 Report Name Institution Affiliation Working in A&A Hair & beauty supply has exposed me to various learning conditions and environment. The company is a leader in beauty supply distributions and salon design, providing expert selections in hair extensions, accessories and other hair products ("A& A Beauty Supply and Salon Design," 2018). The report provides the specifics as to what I completed per the duties/projects defined within the Internship Agreement and what I…

Annotated Bibliography

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Analyzing Your Data Worksheet Identify your top three resources from the annotated bibliography. Title/Author Description of the Resource How it Relates to Your Study Ann Marie Smith The article focuses on the political factors that shape the legalization of marriage The resource highlights how the governments create gay and lesbian policies Kathleen E. Hull The resource explores the cultural underpinnings of marriage The literature shows how culture dictates the laws and politics of same-sex marriage…

Simulation/Statistical Analysis

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Statistical Analysis Relative Importance Index  Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1: Relative Importance Index determination Assumed Factors Generally for Projects Respondent 1: Time (mo's) Respondent 2: Mng't (Rating) Respondent 3: Skill level Respondent 4: Speed of task AVG RATING Range Design and drafting (includes, project definition phase) 4 2 5 4 3.75 3 Mistakes and discrepancies in design documents 4 2 5 4 3.75 3…


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Name Professor Course Date Vocabulary Log Polemic Pg. 15 Definition: A strong written or verbal attack directed at something. Contextual quote: “it is polemic; it is opinion.” Personal application: I gave my bully a lengthy polemic until he left me alone. Futuristic Pg. 21 Definition: having modern technology Contextual quote: “The huge wall-screen televisions were as futuristic and implausible.” Personal application: the award-winning design was futuristic Implausible Pg. 21 Definition; failing to convince, seeming not…

Student's name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Grit Grit refers to the long-term perseverance with the motive of achieving meaningful goals. It is the ability of an individual to exhibit endurance when doing things that one is passionate about, even in the face of obstacles. Parents and guardians require grit as a useful guide in confirming that persistence and passion are of significance in the general well-being of their children and students. Angela Duckworth is the…


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Summary The lab report investigates and uses the cardiovascular imaging to display the images of internal organs of the body. The lab had several objectives namely: Discussing the parts of heart structure Identifying the cardiac size of heart by use of M-Mode, 2D and the Doppler methods. Comparing the effectiveness of M-Mode and the 2D method in echocardiography Comparing the effectiveness of pulse-wave and the Color Doppler methods in the identification of internal organs. Explaining…

Executing physical security inside UMUC is essential with the aim of protecting assets as well as resources from getting destroyed or stolen. Natural security helps to control facility barriers, cameras for surveillance, doors, as well as natural access control. UMUC aims at making sure its facility becomes concretely guarded against getting stolen or damaged through the erection of fences, CCTV cameras, as well as door locks fitted with card readers. Proposed Solution Natural security which…

Safety Management Training Plan

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Performing scheduled training is an essential task for any company that is willing to thrive. Training provides employees an opportunity to gain knowledge of various concepts, learn and implement new concepts in the work area and strengthen already existing practices. The efficiency and productivity of employees improve drastically when they train and learn new ideas. Summary of Analyses Problem analysis: The significance of this safety management plan is to ensure employees are up to date…

Abstract This paper is a critique on research by Jiang et al. (2012). It looks at the different sections of the study through a critical lens. The analysis examines the connection between Human Resource Management (HRM) and the outcomes of a company. There is a definite relationship between these two concepts as sound Human Resource (HR) functions improve employee performance as well as the activities within the organization. The study indicates that skills, motivation, and…

Digital media

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Media and Communications Portfolio Class Instructor Institution Date MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS PORTFOLIO Overview of an Organization An example of an organization that recruits digital media practitioners is the Wall Street Journal. Founded in the late 19th century, the Wall Street Journal has grown in reputation for its coverage on various subjects. The organization's primary segment in on business although the editorial pages cover opinions on other issues such as economic and political news and views.…

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